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SideSault at the Melba delivers on the experimental

by Angela Perez

GUSH Pictured: Mayu Muto)

Circus Oz is proud to present the third iteration of Sidesault at The Melba delivering experimental works that challenge and push the notions of contemporary circus. On from the 7- 17 November, this year's Sidesault at The Melba will feature six national and international circus artists and companies, including a First Nations circus company: Na Djinanganda feminist circus ensemble: GUSH. Other shows will include stunning new visual artworks interplaying with spectacular physical feats; stories from lost cultural identity through to a plain old-fashioned quest for revenge. Co-curated by Circus Oz Senior Artistic Associate, Antonella Casella and The Melba Spiegeltent Producer, Brian Robertson, says Sidesault gives circus artists the license to take creative risks.“With Sidesault now in its third year, we’re starting to see contemporary circus evolve at a grassroots level. Artists and performers are drawing from dance, burlesque and visual art to explore different ways of moving an audience through physical storytelling,” says Robertson. “The artists programmed this year are really pushing the boundaries –it’s exciting to watch.We hope that audiences will relish the chance to experience something totally new at this year’s Sidesault,”said Robertson. The success of last year’s Sidesault at The Melba saw BOSS Squad by Madhouse Circus & Point and Flex Circus and also Laser Kiwi by Colossal Productions head to the 2019 Adelaide Fringe to present critically acclaimed seasons.

When life spits at you, SPIT back!

Review by Faith Sinnott

SPIT is one of the latest darkly humorous offerings in the 2019 in the Circus OZ Sidesault season.

Angelique Ross energetically presents a person’s own inner fury and rage at the mundanity of life. Her character presents initially a little rough and unlikeable, she manages to take you on a slightly too familiar journey via a dark tale of a man who is utterly unhappy with his own mediocrity and a furious woman driven to murder. You kind of like her for it in the end.

SPIT (Pictured: Angelique Ross)

Using tumbling, juggling, tightrope walking and trapeze, you are presented with some very darkly funny images of the utterly boring mundane and the inner rage against it that we all secretly know. The hatred of a shitty, cheap suit, a delayed train commute and plain old awful day where even the kitchen appliances seem to spit at you – she spits back.

The music is pure rage, the dialogue artful, dark and witty and the tomatoes are clearly fresh. Yes, just as you find yourself completely identifying with the characters, there is an audience tomato toss!

Angelique performs a furiously liberating trapeze act that will have you have you too, spitting back!

Highly recommend spending a little time with Angelique ‘Reckless’ Ross!

Rating: 4/5


Dates: 7–17 Nov 2019

Times: Mutating Roots; 6.45pm, Subjective Spectacle; 8pm, Common Dissonance; 9.15pm Location: The Melba Spiegeltent - 35 Johnston Street, Collingwood Admission costs:  $30 single show, $75 three show pass and $120 season pass (plusbooking fees)

Melba Spiegeltant Website

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