The Numbing Effect of Lockdown #6 in Melbourne

I have been reading a lot of fairy tales lately, mainly due to having a small child. But that escapism seems to be around a lot at the moment, and it's mainly due to the universal exhaustion of lockdown that seem be everywhere in Melbourne today.

Along with the rainy weather (and thank goodness there was the break of a few days of sunshine) we have all been having the constant grind of work, daily numbers, family, life, curfew and limitations surrounding us along with all the madness of vaccinations to add into the mix.

Social media seems to have brought out the best and the worst online regarding this vaccination roll-out and everyone has a opinion, with mass misinformation being a regular pop-up to many.

While I am not here to preach, I am a supporter of Science and scientists, enough said. But there is also the quiet drill effect of it getting too much at moments and if you get to this - go for a walk, seek out some friends or just call Lifeline, or someone who loves you.

There is a lot of difficulty around at the moment, and if you need to unclick from the online world, or some of your responsibilities - you do it (as responsibly as you can) because you need it, deserve it and realistically there may yet be more to this lockdown than we expect.

While I would love to say that numbers or the vaccination rate will be the silver to ending the lockdowns, I don't know if that will pass the pub test in Melbourne - where saving lives and hospitals wards have been the priority.

Take care - look after yourself and your people and stay well - we have a bit of road yet!

Much love Melbourne!

Should you need to talk to someone (and just in case!) here is the Lifeline number: 131114 and Beyond Blue (1300 22 4636) - sometimes it can just be good to talk to someone anonymously.