Proving that summer is still alive, Multicultural Arts Victoria is proud to present for the first time, Senegambian Jazz Band and Cool Out Sun who will be playing together for one night at The Gershwin Room in Melbourne’s iconic Hotel Esplanade this Friday, 22 March 2019.

Coming together in 2015, the Senegambian Jazz Band plays music from Gambia, Senegal, Ethiopia, Ghana and Australia. The five-piece band share their talents channeling over eight thousand years of African musical traditions, transferring the power and beauty of these ancient sounds, rhythms and melodies.

Underpinning the Senegambian Jazz Band’s unique sound is the Kora, a traditional West

African stringed instrument, played by the band’s front man and vocalist, the phenomenal Amadou Suso, direct descendant of the world’s first kora player, Koriang Musa Suso.

A music maker by birthright, Suso embodies the traditions of the Mandinka of West Africa. Referred to widely as the ‘Jimi Hendrix of the kora’, he fulfills his ancestral duties to share the culture of his people through an intoxicating contemporary mastery of the African harp.

The second band, Cool Out Sun, is an Afro-funk outfit who burst onto the scene and been turning heads all over the country. Their debut single Fire For rocked the airwaves earning attention on Triple J, Triple J Unearthed and FBi Radio.

Cool Out Sun is a collaboration of four drum-centric artists who love melody, and produce Afro percussive, hip-hop-infused music designed for deep listening, emotive escape and dance floor fiasco.

See Mulitifuturism featuring Senegambian Jazz Band and Cool Out Sun at the Espy this March 22nd!


Dates: Friday 22 March

Location: The Gershwin Room, Hotel Esplanade (11 The Esplanade, St Kilda)

Time: 8.00pm

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