Hayden Dewar is a Melbourne based muralist, illustrator, visual artist, and teacher. In these roles he has worked on a variety of projects ranging from commercial illustration to large scale murals. Most of Hayden's creative output over the past couple of years has consisted of various mural commissions, but he is currently working on paintings for an exhibition to be put on sometime over the next 6 months. This work will be a further exploration of the personal mythology depicted in some of his mural work. The work consists of surreal depictions of a mythical place where the familiar and the imaginary meet.

"I take influences and inspiration from a pretty wide range of artists. Some are stylistic influences, and others are just inspirational because they do something so different to what I am shooting for yet I respect their unique vision. There are hundreds I could mention and new names get added to the list all the time but for now here's a bunch of artists whose work I really admire; Rick Amor, Moebius, Georgia Okeefe, Dan Macpharlin, Marshall Arisman, John Stark, Sterling Hundley, Shaun Tan, Kaye Sage, and Godwin Bradbeer."