I am a born and bred Melbourne based artist that goes by the name of Manofdarkness. The name was given to me a by a friend way back in 2002 which is a play on the spelling of my actual surname. When I started making art on the street I realised I needed an alias and this was the best I had. I kind of always made art as a kid so there was never a time where I ever 'decided' that I was going to be an artist. I was inspired by cartoons growing up, then Dada got hold of me in tafe days and was super inspired by the movement and its anti-art values.

I joined the Blender Studios at the end of 2011 and that too had a huge influence on me creatively and where I started taking up stencils, so happened I was sharing the space with 2 of Australia's most well known in HAHA and ELK. I like experimenting with different mediums and styles and am re-exploring characters again and oil paints which has been heaps of fun. I kind of flow from one piece to the next, art helps me express visually I can't explain with words.