Originally from Brisbane but now based in the Bayside of Melbourne, Mikey moved to Melbourne in 2011 travelling with his aerosol art all around Australia and painting overseas through South East Asia.

Mikey started graffiti in his teen and early 20's, then learnt to seek out more legitimate spaces to create. Having great opportunities to diversify his style through commissions, his personal art still reflects his early roots of hip-hop and spray-can art culture.

"My favourite artists to work with have always been my close like-minded friends such as Lucks and Sudsy in Brisbane, and some great Melbourne old-school heads I've met and respect. One underground graffiti artist, whose passion I get a lot of inspiration from when we join up, is called Cruze. But there's so many that were in Melbourne laying foundations - just listen to any Bias B album to get the list! t's a great place for constant inspiration."



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