Damien Arena paints murals or makes art in some form pretty much full-time. He also helps run youth workshops which focus on helping anyone and everyone to learn the art of spray paint. "We often teach free-hand spray techniques but also stencil-making, which is a great art form to pick up quickly. You can see what we get up to with our workshops on our Instagram@outlinesworkshop."

"I guess my preferred theme or style to paint in is anything thats a bit loopy or weird. Im heavily influenced by video games and comic books so I like to keep things looking and feeling a little fun.

Although my style can range quite a bit, where I can, I like to use a range of colours and contrasts to give my works some pop. I often include odd characters to my personal works which to me gives it a little bit of a narrative about said character. I guess the overall interpretation of these characters is ultimately up to the viewer.

I have loads of points of inspiration, and artists that range from graffiti writers to CGI special effects masters that i all look up to in amazement. But i would have to say that iI draw my main inspiration from my two closest friends who are also professional mural/street artists. We paint together a lot and are always mixing ideas and techniques."



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