The new film ‘Mystify Michael Hutchence’, which is due for national release this week, captures not only the singer and co-songwriter from INXS but also the time and place he lived in and gives us unprecedented access to the man himself.

The film gives a chance to see what it is to be Australian during this time, with a beginning showing the early lifestyles in Australia during the 80s by a group of young men and women who led a carefree lifestyle and friends who wanted to start a band. Beginning with a young Michael who’d rather be at his friend’s place, or writing music or spending Aussie summers on the road touring, we see how he dreams and succeeds in hitting the world stage.

Created by acclaimed filmmaker Richard Lowenstein (and friend of the singer), the film has never before seen archival footage of Michael himself. A respectful filmmaker, he tells the story of Australia’s last global, rock music icon who is shown to be a loving person, who had dreams of a happy life with his family, friends and music.

Mystify Michael Hutchence’ opens this Thursday in cinemas nationwide. See our review below:

‘Mystify Michael Hutchence’ review by Matthew Fitch

Mystify me; finally a frank portrait of an Australian son who lived a very true soulful life. Directed by Richard Lowenstein who worked with Michael on the iconic ‘Dogs in Space’ film, this is a heartfelt documentary on Michael Hutchence. This respectful movie is not just about the rock n’ roll lifestyle of a singer and band member who had great fame which culminated into the number one rock band in the world. The film also depicts INXS as one of the last great bands to play when this feat was still possible and the ‘top ten’ still existed in the 80s and early nineties, achieving this success with their album ‘KICK’ which had six top ten hits from one album.

‘Mystify Michael Hutchence’ is about Michael and his life from childhood in Australia and the personal relationships he had, as never been seen before. The film gives us an unprecedented insight and access into the soul of Michael.

This doco film depicts a gentle person, with love in his heart and a caring nature, and through the movie we are exposed to and feel for Michael as his journey of battles increases. This extends us to make our own opinions on the hardship he was having, and we see how his life began revolving around everything he was doing, as everything starts to slip away into a trauma. We see and wonder why everything had changed from the beautiful early footage and the love he had for his past partners. The film also shows the true love Michael had for people and how that was who he was. The insight into Michael and Kylie Minogue is adorable but also real and Australian. This is our Australian son who took the world on and won, and lost and lived and died. We will never know the full ‘why’ but this is a beautiful portrait of the singer in the last number one band Australia has ever produced.

The director Lowenstein crafts this documentary with the insight and knowledge of when Michael lived in the late 80s and 90s. A time when the Berlin wall fell, and Tiananmen square was telecast live, as events were happening in the world and INXS were top of their game. This documentary gives a subtle maturing and weaves the story of Michael as an older rock star and his having children and being harassed by the London press and how he was eventually swallowed up in London. The film brings to life, the Australian boy who just wanted to return home and to make some music with his band and be with his family and loved ones. As I wish you were by my side. INXS.

Rating: 9/10

Mystify Michael Hutchence Trailer