MELBOURNE 2030 - TRANSFORMING FROM A CONSUMER TO A PRODUCER Presented by Finding Infinity (© Tom Blachford)

Presenting its largest program to date, Australia’s leading annual international design event Melbourne Design Week, is back with more than 300 events spanning over 11 days.

Programmed around the theme How Can Design Shape Life?, the festival comprises of 85 exhibitions, 94 talks, 15 films, 22 tours and 16 workshops celebrating the best of local, national and international design.

Key events taking place include:

  • ELLEN BROAD on Artificial Intelligence Thurs 19 March This presentation looks at AI and how it influences our lives, whether we notice it or not. From scheduling public transport to financial management and national security, automated systems are doing everything from repetitive administrative tasks through to providing perceived impartiality in morally complex decision making. But who designs them, and who decides their influence?

  • FRANCESCO CARERI Tues 17 March Francesco Careri is the author of Walkscapes. Walking as an Aesthetic Practice and co-founder of the participatory urban workshop Stalker/Osservatorio Nomade, which is formed of architects, artists, activists and researchers. Stalker uses walking as a collective mode of expression and a tool for mapping the city and its changes.

  • HOME MADE - Reinventing how we live in Melbourne Why has Melbourne become the focus of housing innovation in Australia? Over the last decade, a range of new models have emerged in response to the low-quality of investor-driven options and a growing desire for more urban lifestyles. This exhibition presents a survey of projects both unbuilt and built, which reflect new approaches to finance, design, development and operations.

  • IN CONVERSATION: Dr Vicki Couzens with Myles Russell-Cook Multi-media artist and Senior Knowledge Holder of Language and Possum Cloak Story, Dr Vicki Couzens speaks with NGV’s Curator of Indigenous Art, Myles Russell-Cook, about the reclamation and revival of Possum Skin Cloaks in the South East.

Find out about the hundreds of other events on for Melbourne Design Week on their website here and be sure to attend a few this March!


Dates: 12 - 22 March 2020

Location: Various locations in Melbourne (See website for details)

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