NGV shows how you can see several virtual exhibitions

A king of the new virtual tour, the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is launching virtual content weekly on NGV Channel on the NGV website.

In June, exhibition tours on offer include a range of multidisciplinary artists. Below we've listed what's on offer!


Saturday 20 June

This virtual tour of Lucy McRae: Body Architect explores the Los Angeles-based Australian artist’s collaborations with scientists, pop musicians and creatives in her research practice over the past thirteen years. McRae’s work encourages conversations on the future of human existence through the areas of biology, beauty and health.

The exhibition features seven of McRae’s videos that combine storytelling with speculative science including Future Day Spa and Chlorophyll skin. The exhibition also features McRae’s grotesquely beautiful colour digital images created in collaboration with Dutch textile artist Bart Hess between 2007-09.

In McRae’s and Hess’s images low-tech materials – including balloons, pantyhose, safety pins, grass and bath foam – are used to initiate high-tech conversations about the body. By speculating on fictional technology, McRae and Hess propose a future human body capable of physiological transformations such as colour-excreting skin.

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Wednesday 10 June | 6.00 – 6.30 pm | Free, no bookings required

As part of the NGV’s live in-studio visit series, artists Georgia Nowak and Eugene Perepletchikov will welcome viewers into their studio to discuss their practice and their recent work, Aurum (Latin for gold), presented as part of Melbourne Design Week 2020.

A film driven by design and critical thinking; Aurum reveals the power of a single material to transform societies as well as the story of obsession that lies behind it. A symbol of supremacy and a unit of value, gold has shaped and captured the attention of civilisations since ancient times.

From its more traditional use as an adornment through to its contemporary use in key components of electronic devices and space technologies, gold remains both a visible and hidden force.

During the live studio visit Georgia and Eugene will be talking with NGV Senior Curator of Contemporary Design and Architecture, Ewan McEoin about their collaborative work and their interest in gold.

Speakers: Ewan McEoin (Senior Curator of Contemporary Design and Architecture), Georgia Nowak (artist), Eugene Perepletchikov (artist).

View on NGV’s Instagram on Wednesday 10 June at 6.00 pm and available to watch on NGV Channel following the livestream.


Wednesday 17 June | 6.00 – 6.30 pm | Free, no bookings required

Multi-disciplinary artist Darren Sylvester will virtually open his Brunswick studio and share an insight into his work and practice, which is known for its commentary on pop culture, music, and consumerism.

In 2019, Sylvester’s first major Australian exhibition, Darren Sylvester: Carve A Future, Devour Everything, Become Something, was presented at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia featuring photography, installation, video and music works probing the influence of multinational brands and glorifying everyday life.

Joined by NGV Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, Katharina Prugger, Darren will discuss working in isolation and how this period of time has affected his practice.

Speakers: Katharina Prugger (Assistant Curator, Contemporary Art, NGV), Darren Sylvester (artist)

Available to watch on NGV’s Instagram on Wednesday 17 June at 6.00 pm and available to watch on NGV Channel following the livestream.


This online program, Art in Focus puts artworks under the microscope by de-coding some of NGV’s most significant masterpieces. Hosted by NGV curators via live Webex video conference, the program will give audiences a deeper understanding of the significance and meaning behind each masterpiece. This free series focuses on a specific artwork in each program and analyses its composition, the technique used to create it, the context around the work, and intention and biography of the artist who created it.

Photo: Selina Ou

William Quiller Orchardson, The First Cloud (1887)


Tuesday 9 June | 12:00pm – 12:30pm

In this episode of Art in Focus, Dr Ted Gott, Senior Curator, International Art, NGV and Laurie Benson, Curator, International Art, NGV discuss the story of Scottish painter, William Quiller Orchardson. The first cloud 1887, a nineteenth century painting by Orchardson depicts the first argument in a marriage. Dr Ted Gott and Laurie Benson investigate this ‘first cloud’ in a storm that is about to engulf the couple’s marriage, shown through the remarkably intricate painting. Speakers: Dr. Ted Gott (Senior Curator, International Art, NGV), Laurie Benson (Curator, International Art, NGV)

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Grace Crowley, Portrait (1939)

Art in Focus: Another Side of Grace Crowley

Tuesday 16 June | 12:00pm – 12:30pm Joined by NGV’s Curator of Australian Painting, Sculpture and Decorative Arts, Beckett Rozentals and Raye Collins, Conservator of Paintings, audiences can tune in to learn the story behind modernist Australian painter Grace Crowley’s Portrait (1939). Beckett Rozentals and Raye Collins discuss the incredible details of this work, including the discovery of a second painting, uncovered by conservators during treatment.

Speakers: Beckett Rozentals (Curator, Australian Painting, Sculpture and Decorative Arts to 1980, NGV), Raye Collins (Conservator of Paintings, NGV)

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