Exploring the dancing that occurs in nightclubs isn’t normally a topic for an artistic dance production but choreographer Melanie Lane, isn’t your usual dance production director.

Interested in the spatial practices and experiential consumption of dancing that occurs in nightclubs, Melanie’s show Nightdance looks at the identities that manifest in these places and what we know of ourselves.

An Australia and Berlin-based choreographer and performer, Melanie inspires the audience off the couch and into the club, looking at the fresh promise of transformation, primal temptation and sublime release.

Crossing the spectrum of traditional dance forms in the show, Melanie along with her co-performers, Lilian Steiner and Gregory Lorenzutti, move between exotic dance, techno, burlesque and pop as they change sound, space and light, and the social, sensual and cerebral offerings-up for consumption after dark.

An international performer and choreographer, she has worked in a range of different dance productions internationally and presented works at Tanz im August, Uzes Danse Festival, O Espaco do Tempo, Festival Antigel and HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, among others.

See Nightdance to dive into the wide and endless world of dancing, and pump up the volume, dims the lights and asks what it takes for you to dance the night away.

Nightdance opens tonight at the Arthouse.


Dates: 24 – 27 August 2017

Location: Artshouse (521 Queensbury Street, North Melbourne)

Time: 7.30pm Thursday to Saturday, Saturday 2pm, Sunday 3pm

For more information see: www.artshouse.com.au/events/nightdance/

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