Going to Nuevo Latino Los Rodriguez restaurant feels like going to your good Latino friend’s house for dinner. Adorned with homely but funky looking ornaments like kitsch flags, Frida Kahlo pictures and Che Guevara posters, this funky little restaurant/bar has music and food to charm anyone going through its door.

My first visit consisted of some attentive service, with a thorough explanation of the food, which for people unfamiliar with South American food will find unusual. Offering a range of vegetarian, meaty and seafood options, the place tries to encapsulate the wave of ‘new Latin’ styles of food, which incorporates traditionally heavier dishes like feijoada and serving them up to be lighter and more modern, and which helps to suit an Australian palate.

Examples of this include the meatball (albondiga), tapas, empanadas, chimichurri beef and pupusas, along with some more popular Mexican fare like nachos and tamales, as well as dessert options.

Nuevo Latino also has a reasonable drinks menu, with a good list of South American wines and beers and a nice selection of cocktails (and mocktails) to match. Most importantly the service is attentive and knowledgeable and has a well-rounded list of offerings for conservative and adventurous eaters alike.

Regularly hosting a band on the weekend, this could a great night out or quiet plate of food and drink during the week.


Rating: 3/5

Find out more about Nuevo Latino here.

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