Is it a play? Or is a circus? Or just a fascinating performance that gets under your skin highlighting the monotony and painfully tedious parts of life that get to you - and the alarmingly close relationship between love and hate?

Beginning with some effective movement, replicating the feeling of the daily 'grind' most working people have at some stage in their lives, Perpetual Frustration Machine sees strong performances from its actors/performers. Demonstrating both physically and metaphorically the difficult choices we face everyday, and the struggles faced through life - be it in relationships, work, creative challenges, or the fine line between love and hate, difficulty and self-hate, and growth and frustration, this show is a both tale and an emotional journey of dealing with our eternal frustrations. This is all represented by the actors by the edgy, powerful show which has little narrative but abstractly represents all these emotions through various mediums.

Complimented with powerful acrobatics, like stunning hoop-work, trapeze sequences and the final, wonderful, swings in the air - see a show that reminds you why it is clearly the best form of 'sanity' being frustrated at life - and why it is the work in life to make more sense of it all - through shows like this.

Rating: 4/5


Location: Theatre Works (14 Acland Street St Kilda)

Dates: 7 -23 December 2018

Time: Wednesday to Saturday - 8pm, Sunday – 5pm

Cost: $33.00 - $45.00 (booking fees included)

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