'Pile of Bones' (2017) Image by Jeff Busby

Stephanie Lake, the director and choreographer of performance work ‘Pile of Bones’ is much like her dance work; honest, direct and inquisitive.

Talking about her latest performance piece, she says the idea for it came from wanting to express some of the emotions felt when undergoing transformation, things like nurture, suppression and desire.

The piece works through some of the stages of growth and expresses much of this struggle through sound and movement, she says.

“The whole piece starts from a small embryotic stage…and the dancers go through these stages of birth and rebirth. It sounds more intense than it is. Even though the themes are dark - I feel it has a real happy ending.”

“I’m very happy for audiences to have different multiple experiences out of a work like this, and l’m not particularly fussy about what that is... I just want them to have an experience and be taken away - on a journey for that hour. From the first image to the last.”

Stephanie herself has been a performer for nearly twenty years, and in that time has had some success, winning awards, and developing her experience as a dancer and now choreographer and director. Establishing the Stephanie Lake Company in the last couple of years, a ‘Pile of Bones’ is its second work.

Happy the piece will give different experiences to the audience, she says it has made her reconsider the human experience.

“I think it’s about the absurdity of the human experience. We are so busy – we consume, we produce - all this activity and we are really all just walking piles of bones and…shining a light on that absurdity on the human experience.”

'The Howl' by Stephanie Lake (premiered in the Tasdance Affinity season with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra in 2015).



Dates: 15 – 19 August 2017

Location: Artshouse – 521 Queensbury Street, North Melbourne

Time: 7.30pm Tuesday to Saturday, Saturday 2pm

For more information see: www.artshouse.com.au

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