Australian theatre is rapidly changing and increasingly proving critical of political structures, and one example of this is Elbow Room’s award-winning production, Prehistoric.

Offering a show that is described as a punk theatre gig that rips into our civil liberties, the play is set in Brisbane in 1979 and tells of the characters of Deb, Nick, Pete and Rachel who meet at a gig, start a band and deal with the repercussions of fighting back against a repressive State system.

Based on firsthand accounts of living, playing music and making history under Queensland’s corrupt and brutal Bjelke-Petersen government (which was in power for 19 years) the play offers an iconoclastic take on the pivotal ‘punk moment’ that still echoes today.

More so, the play effectively tries to bear witness to the experience that young people felt in this repressive environment. “Prehistoric’s central question of how culture – what we do together – can resist the pull of authoritarian nationalism remains all too relevant. This is a story of a diverse group of dissident young people finding themselves in a fight against an ethno-centric, backward-looking nationalism, and it will resonate with many young people today.”

Celebrating their tenth-year anniversary in 2018, Elbow Room are committed to developing writing and performances that test and strengthen the relationship between art and society and pushing the capacity of that relationship to create change. Renowned for their intellectual and artistic integrity, Elbow Room is considered one of the leading independent theatre companies in Australia.

For a gritty, intelligent and pertinent performance see Prehistoric from 20 - 27 July.


Location: Meat Market Stables; 1 Wreckyn Street, North Melbourne

Dates: 20 - 27July

Times: Tues - Fri at 7.30pm, Sun at 6.30pm

Cost: $30 Full, $25 Concession

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