Pictured: Cal Harris (Photographer: John Goodridge)

Dynamic, muscly, masculine, Railed - winner of the BankSA Best Circus and Physical Theatre Award in 2018 - is an impressive display of acrobatic extravaganza where four bold men defy bodily limitations through a number of cutting-edge and risqué acts that leave the audience excited, wrapped, and hypnotically mesmerised.

Staged in the wondrous Wonderland Spiegeltent, a stone’s throw away from the similarly magical Winter Village, Railed is a crowd-pleaser like no other. The venue a packed house on opening night, its diverse audience featured spectators from near and afar with some of the most animated and passionately engaged visitors a group of young females all suitably in cowboy hats for the occasion, in line with the artistic western and cowboy theme for the night, and roaring and cheering as we were collectively captivated by one acrobatic feat on stage after the other.

Behold the performers! Perfectly synchronised, their collective and individual talents come to full expression in a show where each performer becomes a hero in his own right when he reaches new heights also literally speaking, engages in bold acrobatics and climbs high while fully utilizing his potential and using stage props to his advantage (performer and co-director Cal Harris is phenomenal).

Pictured: Harley Timmermans and Cal Harris

Physical, raw, seductive, and done with a sense of humour - and a gay element that is incredibly sexy - the taught men on stage with glistening chests dressed in jeans and leather pants, smoothly and elegantly perform the seemingly unperformable keeping their bodies strong yet light, athletic, flexible and elastic. Few words are spoken in this show where music does the most talking: the evocative sounds of Ennio Morricone bring us the Spaghetti Western and the show’s initial tribute to Australia’s Aboriginal owners seems particularly fitting for a production that plays with the notion of time and space, and is one to cross genres and stimulate our senses while drawing from movies, performance arts and circus acrobatics all combined into one exquisite cocktail.

Light yet serious, sweaty yet sophisticated, Railed is a non-stop display of must-see acts. Highly recommended!

Rating: 10/10


Dates: 12 - 25 September Location: Wonderland Spiegeltent (35 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC), The Paddock (Batman Ave, Melbourne VIC) and Federation Square

Times: 12 - 14 September; 8.30pm, 15 - 25 September; 7.00pm (no show Mondays) Length: 60 minutes