“Following your dreams, waking up, and living.”

Seeing a show about a girl and a half-man-half kangaroo isn’t your normal theatre show but anyone familiar with Fleur Elise Noble’s work will know that normal isn’t something common in her shows.

ROOMAN is a visual performance, incorporating puppetry, projection, drawing and dancing, and is inspired by a hologram or paper pop-up book. Involving the creation of 100 puppets that are animated, it represents the dream world, with the show having no text, and being totally open to interpretation.

Fleur says ROOMAN is a show that examines the intricacies of falling in love. “The story comes from a dream of mine of meeting a kangaroo-man, and the story of falling in love – but also the idea of falling in love with a fantasy. We often see something inside someone and get that feeling of it [love] being the most unattainable and being obsessed – and the pursuit of happiness, is something we can all relate to,” says Fleur.

Fleur says the show works on the senses, giving a performance that is light-hearted but that can also make you laugh and cry on the journey it takes you on. “Every second of the show, every minute of the slow-motion animation took about a day or week to make, often with theatre but the show has grown over five years and with much attention to detail, it has been laboured over visually.”

Fleur explains it is a sort of coming of age story, talking about growth and the kind of challenges we all face.

“This show has a heavy topic but is also open to interpretation – and I think it is a good show for young people, showing a side to mental health issues, and showing that support exists in the difficulties and struggles we face.”

ROOMAN is the second big show Fleur has made, and while she acknowledges the show is its own unique form of theatre, it’s true value lies elsewhere. “The show could be confronting for people with ideas of what theatre is, but the form isn’t what important, ultimately what matters is the experience – and this can’t be achieved in a gallery or a film festival”

Rooman Promo

ROOMAN runs from the 21 – 26 Nov at the Arts House in North Melbourne.


Times: (Tue - Sat) 7.30pm, (Sat & Sun) 3pm

Address: Arts House (521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne)

Tickets: $25 – $35

Contact: (03) 9322 3713

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