Photographer: James Thomas, Subjects: Charice Rust and Latonya Wigginton

The cast of Sensory Decadence take little notice of the parental warnings – “don’t play with your food” and “don’t play with fire” as they dabble with both and take the audience into the tantalising world of living in the NOW.

The performance starts and finishes with a scene at a feasting table, and in between we are treated to a sumptuous menu of acrobatic feats: hoops and high ropes, swings, trapezes, and seemingly herculean yet graceful feats of strength and balance. Mesmeric music and on-stage sound effects are incorporated into the visual to produce that elusive “unique alternative world”.

Spoiler alert? In a novel post-performance experiment, somewhat reminiscent of the act of Holy Communion, One Fell Swoop Circus takes our theatrical experience to yet another level – so be prepared for the truly unexpected!

Photographer: James Thomas, Subjects: Ellen Grown and Latonya Wigginton

I am sure that audiences of all persuasions will not only enjoy the emotive delights of Sensory Decadence but will truly appreciate the skills and talents expressed in this performance and its challenge to our senses and sensibilities. It is a show that needs to go “on the road” so that it can be relished and appreciated by audiences Australia wide.

Congratulations to all those creatives involved in this exciting foray into the circus arts: melding human consciousness and exhilarating physicality into a truly amazing experience – both on and off stage. And accolades must be given to Gasworks for their support for such an innovative work.


Location: Gasworks Theatre: 21 Graham Street, Albert Park, VIC

Dates: 16, 17, 21 - 23 August 2019

Times: 7.30pm session (except for Saturday at 1.30pm)

Duration: 60 minutes

Prices: $30 - $45

Gasworks Website

One Fell Swoop Website