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Pictured: Emily Courtenay (Photographer: Jack Dixon-Gunn)

Billed as a compelling collection of short plays about women who stand up, rebel, and kick ass, She is Vigilante at TheatreWorks is more than your usual theatre night out. 

Directed by much-lauded Melbourne arts makers Bridget Balodis and Krystalla Pearce, She is Vigilante is a handful of vignettes from a group of emerging female writers and community-based ensemble actors.

Written by women for women, the vignettes give performances from the wildly fantastic Robot Coupe to sobering polemic speeches, and addresses some of the key issues in the community today like domestic violence, rape culture, sexual harassment and even societal expectations of women. Identifying how women are often expected to be passive, the play encourages the audience to 'call out' and change the acceptability of sexual advances, family violence, 'mansplaining' and even patriarchical structures. With each play having its own take, some plays prove better than others.

With plays including Athena - Huntress of Men, the fantasy hero of all women who feel vulnerable on public transport and the compelling last play 'You may not rest now - there are monsters' which talks about colonisation, anger and the inequality of affluence - these plays are both entertaining and thought-provoking, and great for advancing ideas that work towards creating more equality for women in society.

Rating: 3/5

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