This year’s Showcase 2019 from students of the Australian Ballet School certainly packs a punch. Jette’ing off to an impressive start with 100 young performers on stage in Défilé (a tribute to Dame Margaret Scott, the founding Director of the Australian Ballet School)

The Melbourne audience was in for a real treat with a program jam packed with eight classical and contemporary pieces co-mingled to display the developing techniques of these young performers.It must also be recognised as an acknowledgement of all members of the School’s creative teaching and support staff whose dedication has brought us this stunning performance in 2019.

But let us not forget the company of amazing young people who performed on stage especially the 2019 graduates in Divertissement who grasped this opportunity to flaunt their individual talents with all the grace and flair of seasoned performers.

This feast continued with Con Brio featuring the Level 4 students and After Escher with Level 8 students: two very different works allowing the students to reveal their emerging proficiencies, with both Journey, and Sketch Tone completing this picture for the audience.

The cast certainly had fun with La Tarantella – emphasising that dancers should also have fun, revelling in their craft as well-rounded performers, with the glorious music of Gershwin and staging of Balanchine’s choreography by Victoria Simon allowing students to shine in Who Cares?

This program ably allowed the Australian Ballet School not only to show off the talents of these gifted young people but also to expose its students to the thrill of performing on stage for an appreciative audience and validate the School’s dedication to a holistic and innovative professional dance curriculum.

It is with great expectation that we will see the names of those appearing on stage on Sunday night dancing with dance companies in Australia and world-wide.

Rating: 4/5


Dates: Sunday 22 September 2019

Location: Arts Centre Melbourne, State Theatre

Time: 7.30pm

Duration: 2 hours, 16 minutes (including 20-minute interval)

Prices: Standard $55.00 - $89.00, Child $45.00 - $79.00 Australian Ballet School Website