Now in its second year, Circus Oz’s Sidesault at the Melba is a festival celebrating Contemporary Circus. Featuring six local, national and international circus companies presenting new works that challenge and expand our understanding of contemporary circus, it is on from 11 - 21 October 2018.

Circus Oz Senior Artistic Associate, Antonella Casella says Sidesault allows circus artists to take creative risks and entertain in new ways. “This year’s artists bring bold new voices into the circus arena. They are driven to combine and push their incredible circus skills to create some really edgy, emotive and exciting works.

Talking about how the six shows for the festival were selected, Antonella says each show brings something new to the festival. “With the panel focused on the selection criteria of exploration of content and innovative use of circus, we were able to select the shows that represented the cutting edge of what it means to make circus as the moment, as well as giving a profile to emerging voices within the form. For example, in Boss Squad, we see a group of emerging women artists taking some of the more traditionally male-dominated acrobatic circus skills like teeterboard and turning those skills into representations of female empowerment. New voices, strong ideas, great circus.”

Consisting of six different shows, these being: Blindside, Laser Kiwi, BOSS Squad, Jugg life, Hell is Other People and Feed the Horse, these shows incorporate both traditional circus skills like acrobatics with contemporary dance, cabaret and stand-up comedy.

Feed The Horse

“Each work has a different proposition to make about how circus can be used as an art from, what it allows us to explore,” she says.

The festival not only presents the shifting concepts and evolution of contemporary circus – it also complements Circus Oz’s ongoing Sidesault program that enables independent artists to examine new circus approaches and styles.

“What makes work really exceptional today is the combination of incredibly high circus skills with innovative artistic ideas to communicate in ways that could not be achieved through any other artform. This is the place where genuinely new ideas can be generated.”

Excited about the different themes on offer - delivering quirky, modern and even surreal works, the festival nurtures and enables for new forms of entertainment, she says. “Our Sidesault at The Melba festival offers a platform to develop, mentor, present and profile these artists and their inventive creative aspirations,” explained Casella.

Don't miss your chance to see the whole Sidesault at the Melba this month at the Melba Spiegeltant!


Dates: 11 - 21 October 2018

Venue: The Melba Spiegeltent

Location: 35 Johnston Street, Collingwood

Tickets: $27 single show, $60 three show pass and $100 season pass (plus booking fees)

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