Going to a traditional Thai restaurant you wouldn’t expect to find fairy floss unicorns as part of the package – except when you go to ‘Son in Law’ which serves authentic Thai with a twist.

Arriving on a Friday night, this place was a busy hive of activity, with the neon lights clearly attracting the young and hip crowd. The attentive service gave us several seating options and we were diligently seated with our table being promptly wiped down and water served.

Drinks and food menus were quickly examined with lots of decent drink options. This place offered several nice wine options to go with the Thai food. Solid beer options were also available including a great, local chocolate porter.

The food menu on the other hand, had numerous popular Thai dishes. Featuring its namesake ‘son in law’ eggs, the essential Pad Thai and Tom Yum soup, the place also had fusion and Asian-inspired dishes like braised beef tacos and roast duck bao. Impressed by the quietly confident menu, I ordered the unusual crab and prawn green curry.

A slightly longer than expected wait occurred but then the curry arrived and it was delicious. The crab was lightly fried but crunchy and delicious, with the crab legs a textural contrast to the fat, juicy prawns. The curry liquid itself was a little too sweet but went well with the seafood and perfect with the plain rice. I ate all of it and even convinced my friend, who is new to crab, to try the unfamiliar crustacean.

After a great feed, we got a glimpse of the restaurant’s mythical being – and were able to watch as the signature fairy floss unicorn was constructed. A great little place, this Collingwood makes reliable Thai with attentive service and would give any, more traditional Thai restaurant a run for its money.


Rating: 3.5/5

Location: 56 Johnston Street, Collingwood

Tel: (03) 9410 0399


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