The Australian Ballet has re-imagined one of its most popular productions, Spartacus - which is showing from the 18-29 September 2018.

Spartacus has been developed with a Fight Director, Nigel Poulton who has overseen every part of the fight and combat scenes. As someone new to the Australian Ballet, he says it took over a year for the work to begin on the performance.

"We first did some pre-production in December 2017, and exploration with the dancers. Here we worked together to establish a physical language with the dancers and develop a common ground and vocabulary."

Excited about the show, Nigel says the challenges of such productions are always the same. "The challenge is always to tell the story and work with your dancers to create a dramaturgical intelligence to it. The challenge is also that it is very, very physical work, and dancers also need to do work that is incredibly demanding."

Aware of the skills needed in such a performance, Nigel says much is still set by the performers themselves. "I bring a specific technical skill but how that manifests in the dancing is determined by them - achieving a much more well-rounded production."

Telling the story of a gladiator who led a slave uprising against the Roman empire, the new production has been given new life by former Dancer and now Choreographer and Director Lucas Jervies. The ancient story now has gained emotional complexity, with modern day sensibilities and added high-impact ballet choreography, to an age-old favourite.

"Lucas' vision - he is a great one to work with, he has a strong vision, which interrogates the story and has looked for the strongest, clearest narrative for the story and text itself," Nigel says.

Thrilled by the collaborative work and talented artistic team, buy tickets to see The Australian Ballet's Spartacus, at the Arts Centre this September, here!


Dates: 18 - 29 September 2018

Location: Arts Centre Melbourne, State Theatre with Orchestra Victoria

Length: 155 mins, 2 intervals

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