Shakespeare’s place in modern life is often questioned so it’s lucky film and theatre aficionado Sally Mclean, has a passion for the baird’s work.

An award-winning short-film maker, her fascination with Shakespeare has lead to the Shakespeare Republic Series which was a major award winner at 2016 Indiepossible International Film Festival (USA) including Winner: Best Picture (Web Series) and it has been screened at 25 Film Festival Screenings. Sally's latest feature is showing at ACMI in Early May.

These “shorts” have also featured in the growing array of web and short film festivals worldwide for which she has won a number of accolades. Based on her love of literature and in particular Shakespeare, Sally devised the series to be primarily aired on You Tube.

Accessing and melding mass media technologies, Sally McLean has imagined a way to make participation in the creative art of film making accessible to everyone as directors, actors or technicians, and viewing available universally through various free-to air outlets.

Sally says speaking Daggers will appeal to anyone who has an interest in love, deceit and betrayal.

See Speaking Daggers online or attend the Speaking Daggers screening at ACMI on the 3 May.

Find out more about Shakespeare's Republic.

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