Stieg Persson, 'South', 1998, oil on canvas

The Ian Potter Museum of Art is showing a major exhibition spanning 30 years of artwork from Australian artist, Stieg Persson: Polyphonic. Featuring art that examine common everyday objects alongside broader topics like sickness and mortality, his paintings question the need to understand and experience time and art history in traditional ways.

“Stieg Persson is an accomplished painter and his works are both visually compelling and beautifully crafted. However, if this is all that Stieg managed to achieve in his practice, his contribution would be much diminished. Stieg Persson’s conceptually rigorous paintings provoke us to think about our lives and the issues we face in contemporary life.”

Passionate about the exhibition, curator of the exhibition, Kelly Gellaty says the exhibition has much to offer. “They [paintings] create spaces of contemplation for the viewer; spaces in which we’re encouraged to sit and spend time with the concerns that circulate on his canvases.”

Looking closely at the preoccupation and concerns of the artist in their practice, the art talks about issues of mortality, the human condition, the ebb and flow of notions of taste and class, and asks the question of what is the contribution of art to contemporary life? As Persson asks - “does art any longer have any faith in its ability to be an authentic form of self-expression?”

The exhibition itself features works from numerous solo and group exhibitions shown nationally and internationally, dating back to the 1980s. Stieg Persson’s works are held in numerous public institutions throughout Australia and worldwide.

See this Australian’s phenomenal exhibition showing now til the 1st of July at the Ian Potter Museum!


Stieg Persson: Polyphonic

Location: The Ian Potter Museum of Art, The University of Melbourne

Dates: 27 March – 1 July 2018

Times: Tues – Fri; 10am to 5pm, Sat & Sun; 12pm - 5pm

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