Platform: A New-World Arts Experience

Substation announces new online world, PLATFORM

Newport's iconic building, The Substation is hosting PLATFORM, a space for artists across visual and digital arts and electronic music to develop and present new work. The virtual space is created in a private Minecraft server with In-game audiences, and the public are free to explore the iconic Newport building, attend exhibitions across its galleries and interact with other audience avatars.

People can either attend PLATFORM either in game or via the Substation discord channel.

Staged over five hours, this time players will explore brand new landscapes, new artworks and several new in-game experiences all to a newly curated selection of electronic music from STABLE MUSIC.

Substation's promo invite for PLATFORM

The music lineup includes Connor Wall, Chiara Kickdrum, Matt Radovich, Ben Cromack, and Vohkinn.

In-game exhibition, featuring new work from Kalonica Quigley (Installation/3D Art), Simon Bent (Gallery Exhibition), EduEelfie (World Customisation).

There are system requirements to attend PLATFORM or to join the game. Find out more on the event registration page on eventbrite here.

Don't miss out on PLATFORM, a new virtual world of gaming and exhibiting artists.


Dates: Friday 18 September

Time: 7:00 pm - 12:00 am AEST

Eventbrite link to Register