Subterranean Femmes shows a space of fierce resistance

'Greta Thunberg, Never Too Small to Make a Difference', Amanda Newman (Photo: @AllThoseShapes)

Subterranean Femmes is a one-of-a-kind exhibition, featuring the women of street artists deep in Melbourne’s underground. Postponed for eight months due to Melbourne’s extended lockdown, the show will now open on December 3 and runs till 29 January 2020.

The underground is the natural thriving space for those considered outside the norm, cultures of resistance, and whose work is at the margins of the acceptable. Subterranean Femmes is a celebration and exposition by female street artists in Narrm (Melbourne) that highlights the underground as a space of fierce resistance, powerful growth and the beating heart of Melbourne’s arts culture.

Featuring 12 practising street artists, the exhibition will fittingly be held in the “Dirty Dozen”, Campbell’s Arcade, in the subway between Degraves St and Flinders St Station.

The new line-up includes: Cit Cat, Edie Black, Empire of stuff, Manda Lane, Larissa MacFarlane, Lynn Bremner, Myheadsajungle, N2o, Renee Mitchell, Suki, Viki Murray, and Amanda Newman.

“Lockdown has been incredibly difficult for artists. Many have lost their jobs, not had access to their studios or exhibitions, and importantly, not had access to each other. Street art is often a social practice. Not being able to play in the city and make beautiful things together has had a huge impact on us all. From the get-go, this exhibition was about making connections. It’s a fitting end to lockdown that we re-emerge and can re-engage with each other and the city” said artist N20 Jo.

Another artist, Manda Lane says the show is it's own success story. “This is a great demonstration of the resilience of Melbourne’s arts culture. We’re thrilled to be able to open up this space and let Melbourne into a taste of our world.”

Come and view Subterranean Femmes exhibition at the underground subway in Campbell's Arcade on opening night December 3rd!


Opening night: 3 December at 6.30pm

Dates: 4 December 2020 - 29 January 2021

Location: Campbell’s Arcade, located in the subway between Degraves St and Flinders St Station

Times: Open daily 10.30 am to 6.30pm, closed Sundays.

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