Indigenous artists pushing for progress in Australia

Garry Purchase

Since the recent ground swell of support for the Black Lives Matter movement in the US, there have been many artists and creatives in the Australian context, who have been advancing the work of the movement here, and lobbying for better life outcomes for aboriginal people, particularly the incarceration rates for aboriginal people.

Focusing particularly on our indigenous artists, who have been working to further the #BlackLivesMatter movement, here is a short list of artists who are passionate to see change and justice for Aboriginal people in Australia.

Artists (painters/leaders/illustratorstreet artist)

Some galleries and collectives have also been listed below that feature Aboriginal artists and represent them in a variety of mediums, as well as support the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Collectives (galleries, programs, organisations)

  • @warlayirti_artists – est. 1987 from Balgo, WA.

  • @thetorchvic – NFP organisation creating new pathways for Aboriginal and ex-offenders through art and cultural learning.

  • @walkatjara – Mutitjulu Community Art’s Centre owned and directed by Anangu.

  • @redkangaroogallery – Australian NSW Gallery representing Aboriginal artists with art shipped domestic and internationally.

  • @kateowengallery – Est. 2007 representing 250+ Aboriginal Australian artists.

  • @bush.magic.metal – supporting Indigenous creators in silversmithing and art.

  • @japingka_ - Art gallery representing Australian Aboriginal artists.

  • @deadly_denim_ - sustainable fashion support and representing First Nation artists.

  • @ausindigenousfashion – Australian Indigenous Fashion curated by @yatuwwidershunt.

  • @blakdotgallery - contemporary indigenous-run art gallery and performance space showcasing the artworks from global indigenous cultures.

These artists and galleries collectively all support the #BlackLivesMatter movement and expect improved outcomes for Australia's indigenous people.

Find out more at each organisation's socials linked above, research on their business and help out where you can. Collectively we can donate, buy from local businesses and push for more discussions on past and current injustices that's been brushed over.