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The Australian Dream is a documentary that tells the inspirational story of Indigenous AFL legend Adam Goodes, and his story about race, identity and belonging.

The documentary reveals his emotional journey in his own words, and asks fundamental questions about the nature of racism and discrimination in society today. Walkley award-winning writer Stan Grant and BAFTA award-winning director Daniel Gordon join forces to tell the story of one of the most decorated & celebrated players in AFL history.

Outlining one of the notorious racism incidents in AFL history, the documentary features Adam Goodes, Stan Grant, Michael O'Loughlin, Nova Peris, Gilbert McAdam, Nicky Winmar, Nathan Buckley, Paul Roos, Brett Goodes, Natalie Goodes, Eddie MacGuire, among many others. The documentary is directed by Daniel Gordon.

Behind the scenes of 'The Australian Dream'

It would be wrong to not identify that The Australian Dream is an important documentary. Discussing the difficult issue of racism in sport - or AFL specifically - and more broadly in the community too, the documentary outlines the journey Adam Goodes has taken since the events of 2013, and the life he had before the event, and after.

Covering the story of his career, and the occurrences that followed a racial slur during the AFL's Indigenous round in 2013 and how this led, over time, to him becoming a strong anti-racism advocate and eventually receiving the 2014 'Australian of the Year' award. This documentary is painful watching and brings into focus the racism and inherent disadvantage experienced by aboriginal people more broadly.

The Australian Dream Official Trailer

Featuring Stan Grant, and other AFL identities like Nicky Winmar, it also features Andrew Bolt and highlights the lack of awareness and ignorance that still dominates much of the discussion in sporting circles on racism, and even parts of mainstream media. Ultimately, the documentary does powerfully inspire the audience to tackle the issue of racism and discrimination in Australia, while also exploring Adam's own idea of identity, what it is to be aboriginal, and paving one's own journey.

The Australian Dream at cinemas nationally from 22 August 2019.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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