Photo: Lara Thoms

Death is an unpleasant topic for most of us, with the notion of laughing at a funeral seeming cruel and inappropriate. Yet for those who encounter death as a daily occurrence, there will always be moments in the job that must resonate comically with this most basic human condition.

Indeed, most of us can recall a humorous incident at a funeral - with any event involving a gathering of family members, machinery, deep holes, or any combination of these elements must surely provide ample material for any comedian.

So in the tradition of such memorable on-screen moments as the Mother & Son episode at Uncle Andrew's funeral or the unforgettable cemetery scene in Death in Brunswick - we see the enigmatic performance of The Director.

In this creative undertaking (pardon the pun), the audience is sure to die laughing, as the creator, Scott Turnbull is himself an ex-funeral director of 21 years. Working alongside Artist, Lara Thoms, this play is a fascinating expose of the funny side of mortality, as these audacious performers strive to 'demystify, expose and expand elements of the death industry.'

Don't miss out on The Director, a play that confronts the hardest topic of all this year, at the Arts House.


Dates: 21 Nov – 2 Dec 2018

Times: 8pm Wed – Sat, 5pm Sun

Location: Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall (521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne)

Duration: 70 minutes

Tickets: $25 – $35 (plus transaction fee)

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