Work by Brett Sixtysix

Offering a collection of local artists and works, The Fitzroy Art Collective will be celebrating the opening of their new premises at 66 Cecil Street, Fitzroy by hosting its opening night on Friday, 5 July 2019.

Hosting a grand opening party titled Affinity, the event hopes to nurture the Collective’s community, with affinity-themed art by local artists, live music, short films, and drinks. The grand opening will feature at least 20 Melbourne artists including Steve Leadbeater, Jessie Ngaio, Brett Sixtysix, Lan Paggo, among many others.

Pictured: Works by Jessie Ngaio, Brett Sixty Six, Leadbeater

The Collective seeks a community where the artists is valued as much as the Art, art is an integral part of the culture, and respectful, reciprocal and mutually beneficial relationships are the norm.

They are also committed to presenting works in an highly accessible spaces to the general public - displaying visual art in non-traditional spaces such as bars, cafes and corporate settings. The Fitzroy Art Collective’s (TFAC) mission is to revolutionise the art culture and community in Fitzroy.

Get local and view the full collection of works on offer by the Collective at their new location in Fitzroy!


Dates: Friday, 5 July

Time:  7 - 9pm

Location:  66 Cecil Street, Fitzroy

The Fitzroy Art Collective Website