The Legend of Queen Kong is an amazing contemporary journey for you to be a part of.

A new mythologised experience in a project, the lead Queen Kong is performed by Sarah Ward joined by music extravaganzas ‘HOMOsapiens’ who are piping all the way with you. There are no shortages of popular culture references for the viewer to grasp, going into this journey with the immortalised Queen Kong, travelling through space and transforming into a new lifeforce. Whether referencing the classical Chinese novels from the Han Dynasty, David Bowie or Star Wars, the show successfully combines powerful rock music while squashing old patriarchies.

Now this story, could just happen to be true and in this performance place, it is. As we know the theory of time by Stephen Hawking was made by himself and through a very old patriarchal system. So why not in this space – where we are just flying on a rock called Earth at 110,000 kilometers per hour? Surely it is plausible.

This ‘part rock, part-ape, immortal, mythological ‘being’ – Queen Kong, is backed by an all queer, gender diverse rock band who lead us into life with smashed patriarchal, hierarchical control systems and we can all finally live as one. A great production where the attention to detail shows and is delivered to the audience with an approach that is inclusive, accepting and aware of gender equality. Their inclusive approach is demonstrated by the large visual screen, allowing for further adaptions of the visual story line and the motherboard (narrator) played by Asphyxia, who creates an extra dimension to these performances, and includes Auslan narration. Additional Auslan interpreters on stage prove delightful and make one want to learn how to sign.

Overall, this queer, sci-fi, rock concert/show has amazing rock opera ballads by Sarah Ward, and as part of the Midsumma Festival, will be performed at the Arts Centre Melbourne for a limited season.

Not to be missed – it will most certainly be a hit this summer. The future is accessible, but you should book fast as it is on for a few nights during Midsumma!

Rating: 8 Bananas


Dates: 16 - 20 January 2019

Location: Arts Centre Melbourne’s Fairfax Studio

Time: Wed- Fri – 7.30pm, Saturday - 4pm* & 7:30pm, Sunday - 5pm

Duration: 75 minutes (no interval)

Cost: Admission costs apply

Bookings: 1300 182 183

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