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'The Mole Agent' Film Review

A Film By Maite Alberdi

The Mole Agent. Courtesy of Madman Entertainment.

“Eldery Male Needed. Retired, between 80 and 90 years old. Independent, discrete and component with technology”

The Mole Agent is possibly the most original documentary I have ever had the pleasure of watching. The filmmaker places our protagonist, 83 year old Sergio, inside a nursing home believing himself to be a spy, sent to gather information for a daughter, concerned for her mothers welfare. Sergio’s charm, depth of emotion and mental sharpness leap from the screen. He is a recently widowed man, finding the drudge of day to day life wearing on him in his golden years, upon being given the assignment as “The Mole Agent”, Sergio remarks to his own daughter that he “feels like himself again”

The film is a masterful meditation on loneliness, the wonderful supporting cast of nursing home residents, swinging the viewer from heart-warmed to heartbreak with their anecdotes, poetry and raw emotion. The women of the San Francisco Nursing Home love Sergio, watching them transport him to another time, whilst dancing with him is magical.

The film shines brightest during Sergio’s reports back to the private investigator. His observations are detailed and filled with wisdom, giving voice to the forgotten elderly, this proving empowering stuff.

See this film, then go and see your parents/grandparents.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Now Showing at selected Palace Cinemas.

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