Food Fighter

As a film festival with the goal of inspiring change and empowerment in its audience, Transition Film Festival, offers new perspectives through local and international documentaries on a widerange of topics.

Now in its seventh year, the festival has more than 27 feature documentaries, and includes 20 Australian premieres, as well as a speaker program with leading sustainability academics, artists and entrepreneurs.

Covering topics like the future of food, ocean health, online privacy, climate change, social justice and artificial intelligence, several films also give a local Australian perspective on global issues like food waste, etc.

Key films on offer at this year’s festival are:

Food Fighter: about the Founder of Ozharvest and the topic of food waste in Australia.

Albatross: a film on artist and activist Chris Jordan, and the devastating effects of plastic in the ocean.

Operation Jeedara: an Australian documentary narrated by Bob Brown, which looks at the brave boat crew as they set out to protect the Great Australian Bight from the effects of oil pollution

Amplify Her: a celebration of women’s empowerment in the electronic music industry.

Thank you for the Rain: about a Kenyan farmer and the results of climate change on his family.

Living in the Future’s Past: Jeff Bridges looks at the worlds of dark ecology, entropy and the end of nature.

SuperSapiens - Rise of the Mind: a documentary that looks at the moral and ethical implications of merging man with machine.

With multiple films on offer, the festival also has a number of industry and networking nights including Blockchain For Good, presented by Academy Xi, and VR for Positive Change, presented by Real World VR, with both events being held at Loop Bar in the CBD.

Special guests for the festival include Ronni Kahn and Dan Goldberg from Food Fighter, Ian Mackenzie from Amplify Her, Eliza Muirhead and Tim Watters (Operation Jeedara) as well as other prominent local figures.

Providing an inspiring line-up of films that work to change the status quo by informing its audience of these topics, see the full list of Transition Film Festival here.


Dates: 22 February - 9 March 2018

Locations: Cinema Nova and Loop Project Space & Bar

Times: Various times – check website for full details

Transition Film Festival Website

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