There are very few theatre shows where you have the main character in the play chat to you directly and serve you a drink but this happens in Unknown Neighbours.

Part of the Festival of Live Art (FOLA), Unknown Neighbours gives the viewer the experience of listening to people have sex in a BEDROOM, then the sensation of sadness in a BATHROOM and then the wandering down the street to a park, church, theatre and beyond.

The play itself also looks at the emotions of being at home and the components of being at home and the emotional life attached to it. The play explores the poetry of the home and neighbourhood as it seeks to break down and overcome the limitations of traditional theatre. Certain the intimacy of a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom are confronting when the actor is right in front of you.

Unknown Neighbours

The play also incorporates sounds, and projected script to effective use, and the ambience of a park and dog or church and evening light, also add to the actor’s performance. Other effects like the amazing drone footage at the end is wonderful and gives a sense of connection in space and gives a visual representation of how they are all connected by sharing proximity to one another, be it the same street or suburb.

Unique in its delivery, this play is curious in that it engages its viewer in many different ways and highlights the interconnectness we all have with each other.

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Unknown Neighbours

Date: 12 - 18 March 2018

Times: various – see website

Location: 14 Acland St, St Kilda

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