Arguably, it could be said that the Van Gogh exhibition is one of the biggest exhibitions the NGV has ever hosted.

Still, as the largest-ever Van Gogh exhibition to be held in Australia, Van Gogh and the Seasons features almost 50 vividly painted masterpieces, of which demonstrate the artist’s incredible affinity to the four seasons.

" I can do nothing about it if my paintings don’t sell.

The day will come, though, when people will see that they’re worth more than the cost of the paint and my subsistence, very meagre in fact, that we put into them. "

Vincent to Theo, Arles, c. 25 October 1888

Displaying all the vibrancy of Spring, with blooming orchards, meadows and fields, the signature Van Gogh landscapes and winter with peasants digging meadows, this exhibition brings this all-time classic artist’s work to life in Melbourne.

In addition to the works, a major video installation depicting the life of Van Gogh narrated by David Stratton and featuring the voice of actor David Wenham, will be on show.

Now one of the world’s most famous painters, Vincent Van Gogh had a brief but prolific artistic career during his lifespan, which only lasted barely a decade before he took his life at the age of 37. He is undoubtedly Holland’s most famous painter.

Van Gogh is to many people, symbolic of the struggling artist, with his work becoming famous long after his death. Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime.

Prepare to be arrested by the sheer talent and expression of Van Gogh, this exhibition shows till the 9 July 2017.

Courtesy of the National Gallery of Victoria.

For more information or to book a ticket, check out National Gallery of Victoria here.

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