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There’s a certain denial that only ‘once overweight’ people can have over a run or organised sporting event like the ‘Colour Run’.

Somehow the identity of runners that most people have – thin, wry-faced people with a determined look and slit-like eyes (wearing stringy singlets and shorts) - have nothing to do with me.

However, having once been much heavier (almost 20 kilos) than I am today, it has been years of working my way back to a normal weight and staying in the ‘5 percent’ (of people that keep the weight off) that inspires me to keep it off! And my determination to keep it off keeps me active, going to the gym and exercising often. While not the fittest person, I once use to run regularly so committing to a run, like the Colour Run isn’t so hard?

Or is it?

Staying relatively fit is a point of pride for me and identifying with a running event or – horror of horrors- possibly being a runner has generally been out of my league. More for the die-hards or fanatics – not me. But wanting to train properly – like a run, was something I wanted to do – and then finally I committed to it – yes, I registered- just to develop an ache under my foot and find myself limping three weeks before the event.

That’s when I pulled the plug on running the 5kms.

I was going to do it, but the point was that I wasn’t going to be broken after it. Whatever I did here – I wasn’t going to be the athlete I wanted to be - I was going to be the pilgrim that starts the journey – to other runs – and maybe one day the 5 or 10, half a marathon or marathon. That’s when I decided this was a long-term journey – not a sprint to 5km finish line- but one I was doing for life and looking after the same knees and ankles, and foot injuries I have now – the same ones that will get me through it all.

So today I start – still a bit plumpy – or a “little bit fat” as Brigid Jones would say but plugging on. Walking to my finish line.

And then l’ll see about training for another 5km run further down the line.

Determined to be the runner that refuses to self-destruct due to injury.

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