And then it was race day. Though I had once dreamed that I would train up and be perfectly fit and possibly thinner on race day …the reality was very different.

On the day however, I was actually disappointed in myself that I had developed an injury and not worked through the pain. I suppose, I was actually sad that the event had not led to an epiphany or transformation. It was nothing more than a reminder of the pain in the bottom of my right heel.

Thus I was here – on a train – heading to a colourful event with a lot of teenagers wearing colourful tutus and face paint. Not a runner at all.

I suppose I found comfort in the fact that there was actually nothing runner-like at all about the event. This was a good occurrence. In addition seeing all the teenager-centric events by Sportsgirl and ‘Girl on the Move’ all of this was an indication of the different target market at the event.

Interestingly, the Colour Run, while an international phenomena, does not fundraise or align itself with any specific group, it merely identifies itself as an event for experiencing the “happiest 5K on the planet”.

And while for me in Melbourne, it may not have been my best 5 kms ever – it also wasn’t the worst either. It was actually one of the most unique for me.

Here I would see the night as a spectacle, one better aimed at young families throwing coloured dust and bubbles at each other. And teenagers gently flirting through the dust and taking advantage of the evening bands on afterwards.

And then, after all the long walk around the park and the rainbow coloured tubing, I was just happy to eat a slightly charred and expensive mini pizza from a street vendor there.

All while imagining the day when I would actually run 5 kms in a race.

One where my training and my feet haven’t given up on me.

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