Welcoming 2020: How to Have a Green Resolution

Every year I write a few words on the best approach to New Year resolutions... and while last year I supported a rethink towards goals in order to achieve one's desired goals - this year in 2020 - I actually think rather than making the New Year's resolution to be about your own self transformation it might be high time to make it about the world we live in. And how we relate to it.

Years ago, when I briefly worked overseas in a small community-based organisation, I had an interesting discussion with an American who I worked with and I asked him why he was so proud to eat at that iconic American restaurant with the golden arches. He said he was proud to support the American trans-national corporation and in contrast to this said to him that I was not interested in eating there as I wanted to make as small a carbon footprint as possible. I still remember how he stared at me - never having heard such a statement.

While in recent years it has become apparent to me that making New Year Resolutions is completely futile if you don't actively work towards making the resolution happen - and while you may be one of these people who enjoy meditating on your New Year's Resolution and making them work -  I would advocate that one of the hottest topics around seems to be climate change and reaching a world of where people either support the climate change movement and the need to uphold the environment or alternatively, deny it and all the science that goes with it.

So thus - in this spirit - and still considering myself as a person who will stand up for her values - I do think it is time for most people to consider taking on a new Green resolution - and encouraging everyone to mobilise towards a healthier planet. Here is one recent article of scientists warning of a climate emergency, see here.

Today, it seems every day there is another significant environmental report reminding us of the increasingly untenable environmental situation. So while I would always encourage one to work towards improving yourself - improving the world around us seems to have become a priority and in the current bushfire situation in Australia, it would make sense to accompany the resolutions for self-improvement with a bit of environmental improvement and work towards a new Green resolution for 2020. 

But you say, 'what would a green resolution consist of?' Things like looking at your levels of consumption, either in the buying of new products, like clothes, in electricity use, car use or switching to renewable energy sources, recycling products or even better, not using products that need recycling. Other things like flying less, eating less meat (especially red meat), eating more plant based foods and not wasting food or investing in more ethical banking options, means that your money can have a say of how you would like to change the world. Also supporting the environment by planting more trees and assisting insect and plant colonies, can help. Effectively anything you can do to minimise our weigh in on this world is a great thing... and future generations will thank you for it. Here is a top ten list of things you can do to fight climate change.

Depending how committed you feel to the cause, you could also haggle your local member of parliament for more change and action, especially in the face of so much environmental damage occurring at the moment.

Such change might not be easy, but it is necessary if we are to improve the current state of the world. And you never know, through improving the world you might also tap into how to improve yourself too. The ripple effects of doing one good thing will naturally flow on to other parts in your life too.

Good luck with your new year's resolution, work hard towards your goals but also consider the planet in the process. Our future might depend on it.