'What Rhymes with Orange' Theatre Review

Pictured: Isabella Perversi and Fabio Motta. Photographer: Ross Dwyer (Mad Hatter Films).

Across the decades, there has been a continual progression as emerging technologies have impacted on how, where and when audiences could enjoy entertainment – from the era of the silent film to the “talkies”, and the advent of television which for a while seemed to mark a death knell for cinema. But creatives are just that – creative! And they have embraced the freedom and flexibility that the digital world allows and take their craft online.

Following some 245 days in lockdown, those working in the creative arts have little choice but to embrace the digital world and take their performances online. Desperately hoping no doubt that audiences will do the same!

Hence, sitting down in the comfort of my lounge room with a supper tray on my lap, I ventured into the digital world to saviour this absorbing performance of What Rhymes with Orange with two talented actors Fabio Motta (Tom) and Isabella Perversi (Rosie). Isabella is also the writer of this exploration of “glue” that keeps relationships going, and how things may not always be what they seem. Are they ever?

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the play is that some secrets are not fully revealed, and how these secrets impact differently on Rosie’s and Tom’s relationship. Later in the play, Rosie reveals why Tom was in hospital in the opening scene, but we are only given clues about what was the real cause. What childhood secrets does he harbour? And his relationship with his mother and father is opaque. For Rosie at least, her “secret” is revealed to the audience (and Tom) – she does not hide her hopes and dreams. I admired her openness, but it did come at a price. For Tom, his sleeping dreams reveal some of his secrets to the audience. Children’s voices, heard by both Tom and Rosie, are perhaps a key to understanding the ultimate impact of secrets on their relationship.

Their performances reveal that, regardless of how dreams and secrets are manifested, they ultimately affect how we live and love.

So, I implore audiences to embrace online shows, log in, and view as many awesome shows as you can.

Rating: 8/10


Dates: Friday 8 October - Sunday 17 October

Location: Online and on demand

Duration: 60 minutes

Prices: $5.00 – $25.00

Book online here

Special Notes: The performance is available closed captioned