When it has been a long and cold winter it can be hard to find your winter food mojo and over time it can be difficult to get inspiration. So it is good to know that there are many things that can make your life easier when it comes to cooking and ingredients that can make a meal in a matter of minutes.

With that in mind, I have collected my top five dishes for the winter cold in order to remain fabulous in winter and to help out with the clichéd "Netflix and chill".

1) Soup: Make this out of anything. Be it vegetables, beef bones, lentils, using any stock, soup can be made out of anything and also be great diet food. It is also the basis for great classics like Pho, Ramen, minestrone, pea and ham, or even the simplest green pea soup or chicken noodle it can ready in minutes. Imagination is the key.

2) Casseroles/stews: With many classics like lamb shanks or osso buco, to the French Cassoulet, there are many fabulous stews or casseroles that can be made with cheaper cuts and in larger quantities that just need a bit of cooking and then you have food for days. Matched with the next winter classic, there aren’t many better foods for winter.

3) Mash Potato: This to me symbolic and texturally all the best things about winter food. It is delicious and creamy, easy to make and even good for turning into hash browns, crab cakes or bubble and squeak! It is also really good for topping Shepherd’s Pie or fish pie!

4) Risotto: The other great universal carbohydrate, risottos are delicious to make and can again be made out of anything that you want. Risottos are also much easier to make in the oven, so find an oven recipe and start experimenting! Another great tip is, if you do make accidently gluggy rice, you can always use the rice for great arancini balls - these are crumbled rice cheese balls! Fabulous!

5) Curry: Number one needs no explaining – curry – be it the spicy Indian Vindaloo or hot Thai style curry is wonderful. An incredibly versatile and easy to cook with dish with a little time on your hands! While it can be a bit of work grinding your own spices or making a curry paste this will always be a superior product and is a wonderful leftover, getting even better the day after.

These cooking ideas are proof that it doesn’t need to be hard or too much effort or cost to get some food on the table and homemade food is a great way of brighten your day! And saving money on your lunch – bon appetite!