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RIPPLE ROOT is the artist moniker of Liquan Liew and Estella Ng. They make carefree, collaborative works featuring themes of nature and wildlife. In their work is a distinct Southeast Asian ornamentation, seen in folkloric patterns that have been given a contemporary twist. Much about celebrating their Singaporean identity without being cliched, they are constantly keeping things fresh with their distinctive 'rippling' strokes and vibrant, uplifting colours.

In Singapore, they have gained significant recognition for their hand-painted murals. Not just on the street, but they work closely with restaurateurs and real estate merchants to incorporate their art in the branding of the interior space. The art tends to tie in nicely with design elements. What sets them apart is the careful consideration of the context and history of the location, it is often a collaborative process with the client and each mural is specific to its brief, never repetitive.

And although its on a wall, they've still managed to retain the immediacy of working on a canvas piece, capturing that intense energy and distinct strokes of colour. Hence you will be able to recognise a Ripple Root mural almost right away. They have done projects for office spaces, where the murals activate and liven up the working environment. They have been commissioned by high-profile brands like Facebook, MUJI and Cathay Pacific. They have also gotten requests for customised murals in homes.



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