'When The Rain Stops Falling' Theatre Review

Credit: Lachlan Woods

With most of the recent creative arts reviews starting with “postponed during COVID”, the members of Iron Lung Theatre faced the prospect of going into lockdown mid-season with only two sessions going ahead. So, it is sad that other theatregoers will not be able to experience When The Rain Stops Falling in the current season.

What they will be missing is an award-winning play by Andrew Bovell and brought to the stage by Briony Dunn, featuring an intricate web of family relations (and secrets?) across four generations and around the world, with characters past and present interacting on stage simultaneously.

With Francis Greeslade and Darcy Kent capably playing dual roles, and voices from the past portrayed sometimes as ghostly apparitions, the audience requires a degree of mental agility but the question of who’s who is neatly addressed by the genealogy available in the WTRSF Program for those who may need it.

Credit: Lachlan Woods

Despite the characters appearing in multiple vignettes, the actors (Heather Bolton, Lucie Chaix, Esther van Doornum, Francis Greenslade, Darcy Kent, Margaret Mills and Alex Pinder) were able to create and sustain the vital poignant links between these family members across space and time. It is always a challenge for actors to establish and maintain their on-stage personas transitioning from past to present and reverse, but the cast managed to do so artfully while still keeping us guessing about the real reasons for family disunity.

Although my preference would have been to end the play at the extremely moving Uluru scene, the memorabilia in the suitcase provided the clues and further defined these family bonds serving to tie off any loose ends for the audience.

After all the hard work to rehearse and stage the play albeit only for three shows – hopefully, Iron Lung Theatre will be able to reschedule the show for others to experience and enjoy.

Rating: 4/5


Location: Theatreworks, Acland Street, St Kilda

Dates: The show was cancelled on Thursday 15 July 2021 due to COVID Lockdown requirements

Duration: 130 Minutes (no interval)

Prices: Adult: $47.50, Concession: $37.50, Preview: $32.50, Student: 27.50, + plus $2.50 fees

Theatreworks Website

Special Notes:

The show was cancelled on Thursday 15 July 2021 due to COVID Lockdown requirements