Winter is a divider between people – often between those that love it and those that don’t. But just because you don’t love it doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it – why hate it when it has such good perks like winter woollies and fabulous soup?

Nonetheless, every winter has its charms, and this year’s is no exception. So let’s look at what makes this winter survivable with a top five survival guide:

1. Become the soup Nazi

Winter is all about knowing how to make the perfect food and nothing is better than a warming soup. Be it a spicy Tom Yum, chowder, consommé, gazpacho, or even a simple pea and ham soup, winter is all about bulk soup making and comfort food and you can do no wrong with a healthy soup on a cold day.

2. Do the cool winter activities

Ice-skating, skiing, hot spring visits, art galleries, fireplaces, winter beers, risottos, reading, listening to live jazz, mulled wine, spicy food, hot baths… the list goes on and on. Winter has many charming aspects to it and this is never more obvious than during the cooler months when we can embrace its activities and make the most of the cold but beautiful season.

3. Accept that the worse that can happen, is you get wet

Getting wet by rain is probably the worse that can happen in Melbourne - and is indeed worse than getting snowed on! If you have a waterproof jacket you should be fine to tackle this and with an added umbrella you can actually have two layers of protection from the occasional strong bit of rain (and wind) that might hit.

4. Embrace being active inside

Few of us actually appreciate some of the winter activities within our reach, be it those old-fashioned winter hobbies like jigsaw puzzles, knitting, jam-making, slow cooking, pickling or fermenting foods. Even taking up some art or craft could change your whole perspective on how you approach the winter season.

5. Love your woollies

One of the best things about winter is embracing your long jacket, woollen hats/beanies or gloves. Getting those boots, mittens, thermal layers, dog jackets and all the winter clothes trimmings are some of the best and the cosiest things you can do in the cold weather.

After all this, one realises that there really is no reason to torture yourself over the cold (even if it is really cold) but to just accept the season will pass, you will be fine and spring is just a couple of months away!

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